About Aerofit

What is Aerofit?

Aerofit is a Danish developed training system, that formerly was developed for medical use for patients with lung problems. For example Asthma and bronchitis. Aerofit is made for specific training of the diaphragm and the muscles between the rib cage (the intercostal muscles).

The primary idea behind the product is to attain a more powerful breathing by gradually applying your respiratory system with increased work load.

Aerofit has shown to be much more effective for other target groups than originally though. This means that Aerofit is very effective for athletes that wish to increase their endurance and respiratory strength. Moreover Aerofit has shown to be effective for singers and musicians using wind instruments.
These two target groups don’t just get an increased respiratory strength and endurance, but also a significantly increased coordination ability, that almost immediately give a better tone and quality of sound.

How to train with Aerofit

Training with Aerofit consists of breathing through a container which holds two valves using a mouth piece, where different resistances affect your respiratory muscles. It is equivalent to the effect weight lifting has on your muscles.


Your respiratory muscles (diaphragm and rib cage muscles) are strengthened. This leads to you being able to perform your maximum performance for longer duration before your respiratory muscles become fatigued. Furthermore the specific training of the diaphragm has a huge impact on your energy, due to a untrained diaphragm using much more energy than a well trained one. The large impact is partly because of the diaphragm being one of the largest muscles in the body.

Singers and Musicians

The pressure when you inhale increases, which leads to you being able to breathe more air into your lungs in a shorter time period than before.

The pressure when you exhale increases as well, so you can hold the long phrases and tones for longer than you have been used to before.

Finally singers and musicians using wind instruments increase their coordination ability greatly when training with Aerofit.

Singers can train coordination between the mouth lip close and support, which gives a significantly better voice, better tone and larger ambitus (meaning the range of your voice – how deep and high you can sing)

Wind instrument musicians can train the coordination between blow and support, which gives a better tone and better control of the tone formation.


People with Asthma and COPD-patients

The pressure when you inhale increases, which leads to you being able to breathe air into your lungs more effectively, which can compensate for reduced lung capacity and functioning.

When you exhale during training achieves a high pressure, that contributes to blowing slime out of the airways and hereby creates better passage for breathing.

Aerofit gives you extra possibilities

  • You improve greatly in just two months of training
  • You can train very accurately – ie. constant inhaling or exhaling.
  • You can train your weaknesses specifically.
  • You can train in spite of injury breaks.
  • You get increased endurance of your respiration.
  • You get a faster inhalation period.
  • You have the opportunity to measure your improvements.

Furthermore you can use your Aerofit as warm up before you have to perform, regardless of being an athlete, a singer, musician, actor or anything else, that requires your best when it really counts.

Who uses Aerofit today?

Today Aerofit is used by a series of actors, actresses, singers, wind instrument musicians and athletes, that all have their respiratory system as a part of their art and a wish to improve it. People with different respiratory ailments such as Asthma, bronchitis and COPD who all want to improve their respiratory capabilities and wish to reduce the usage of medicin.

In other words, Aerofit is used by people who has their respiratory system as a central part of their work or hobby and wish to increase the endurance and control of their breathing.

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